Energy plays a critical role in the development process and climate change. Access to sustainable modern energy contributes to poverty alleviation, reduced accidents, and improved health outcomes which in turn improves the human needs. Even though clean energy efficient environment friendly technologies are available, adoption of such technologies are low due to lack of awareness, high upfront cost, inadequate training for the producers, lack of after sales service among others. In the Lake region, families largely depend on papyrus reeds as a source of fuel that is readily available. This is a major challenge as cooking of a simple meal required large piles of papyrus reeds and this affects the wetland ecosystem. Most households and entrepreneurs use three stones for cooking. As a result, there have been indoor air pollution, fire accidents in the households and above all energy wastage through harvesting lots of papyrus in the wetland hence fish breeding zones has been destroyed thus affecting fish supply in Lake Victoria. This has in turn affected the income of the families that solely depend on fishing as a way of income. WGV promotes the adoption of Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) through training of women on how to make ICS’s, we also do community sensitization on the importance of adopting ICS’s. Through T-fund WGI installed 25 rocket stoves for women in productive use of frying fish as a value addition at Dunga beach.

Before installing rocket stoves
After installation of rocket stoves